Sunday, November 14, 2004

Introduction to the Little TOE

The origin of the Little Toe. Later.

Essential elements of this Little Toe: That charge is a basic property. That the minimum number of particles necessary to construct a Toe is in keeping with a desire for simplicity. That starting with two particles and two forces is preferred over three particles and two forces. Better still would be a TOE based on one particle and one force.

We suggest that this particle has a charge of 1/3 that of the electron. And that three such particles in association can have the characteristics of an electron. And that a single fundamental particle can exhibit the nature of any one of three named quarks (down,strange and bottom). That two such particles acting as a unit can present as three of the named anti-quarks (anti-up, anti-charm and anti-top).

Further, that space is composed of a packing of such particles with nearly equal and uniform distribution. And we can call these fundamental elements of space by the name, Higgs particles. When they are displaced from the structure of space these Higgs particles and the holes they leave in the Higgs structure both acquire mass (they distort the fabric of space).

About time. Later.

The Higgs structure. Later.

Puzzles solved. Later.

New Questions. Later.

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