Monday, February 13, 2006

The Higgs Lattice and the Big Bang

Big bang, what big bang? The Little TOE does not preclude nor forbid a big bang but it finds no need for one nor do we see evidence for The Big Bang.

Were the temperature of the Higgs Lattice null, that is at absolute zero, the speed of light would be infinitely faster. We could ask, where did all these Lattice elements come from and how were they all compressed into such a small universe? Perhaps before we ask such questions we may wish to grasp the nature of the Higgs particles and understand how energy acts with the lattice of Higgs elements to produce mass. And time, time also is a function of the Lattice and energy.

The Little TOE ask, 'If time is not a dimension how many dimensions need exist to understand the nature of the universe? Three. Is there any need for more?

The Higgs lattice is not your Grandfather's aether. And Little TOE time is not your Father's time.

But, from the temperature and structure of the Higgs lattice, with a bit of Little TOE time you can calculate the fine structure “constant”, and much more.

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